Agent 47 - Film Titles

Visual Effects

Cg lead, concept design, compositing

With a complex backstory to tell, we were asked to create a title sequence that set the context for the story about to unfold. Essentially a prologue, we worked with a script from the edit team, and devised a concept and visual narrative that evolves over time, telling the story of the organisation's beginnings in Cold War era to present day.

My task was to concept and develop the DNA breakup sequence as well as create other full cg shots for the title sequence.

Project Credits

Creative Direction  David Sheldon-Hicks
Production  Sam Hart
Art Direction & Lead Animation  Nik 'Nikill' Hill, Dave Penn
Lead CGI  Peter Eszenyi
Concept Art  Yugen Blake
Design & Animation  Duncan Dix, Daniel Højlund, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan
Additional Design & Animation  Miles Christensen, Mantas Grigaitis, Sam Keehan, Jason Moss
Additional Compositing  Alex Gooding, Francesc Donaire Peris
Additional Editing  Emanuele Crivelari, Andy Schofield

Twentieth Century Fox
Editor  Nicolas de Toth
First Assistant Editor  Ken Terry
VFX Editor  Constantin Brodt
Post Production Supervisor  Lily Gwyer
Post Production Producer  Chris Berg
VFX Producer  Christina Wise