Ex Machina - on set GFX - Territory



On Ex Machina I was tasked with developing the schematics for Ava, the robot girl. This involved creating the designs for the giant blueprints, taking apart the robot model we got from D-Neg and creating additional small parts to flesh out the look. The main challenge was that to create the needed look, a huge number of small bits had to be created from scratch. I also contributed to the animations on Caleb's phone.

Production Credits
Writer and Director: Alex Garland
Produced by: Andrew MacDonald and Allon Reich
Production Designer: Mark Digby
Graphic Designer: Andrew Tapper

Territory Credits
Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks
Producer: Kelly Woodward
UI screens: Peter Eszenyi, Marti Romances, Yugen Blake, Jay Dingle, David Penn
Schematics: Peter Eszenyi


Phone Programming:
Syd Lawrence

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