Ghost In The Shell - VFX Supervisor - Territory

Visual Effects

Concept design and cg supervision

Territory started to work on Ghost In The Shell mid-2016, initially tasked with designing concepts for the holo conference room and the Major's hologlobe. As creative lead, I worked on designing original concepts for the holoconference room and the hologlobe. In these first months our design team came up with various options for the technology forming the basis of these futuristic devices. In my concepts I experimented a lot with voxel-based setups, since one of the major elements of the brief was to make everything volumetric. I tried to keep to the design guidelines of the original anime as much as it was possible, but feedback from the director made our concepts move further away from the graphic world of anime and become more voxel-based and three-dimensional.

In the second phase we were also asked to work on the temp shots for the trailer while the third phase of the work saw us create various hologram-like assets to fill the world of the film as well as augmenting the existing solograms. I was responsible for every aspect of the production in that phase, which meant creating actual designs myself, working on look development, supervising the talented artists creating their assets and making sure that the pipeline we work with fit the needs of the major VFX vendor on the show. Overall my team at Territory delivered almost two hundred assets to MPC. The video on this page exclusively shows my designs and contribution to the film - the full studio reel containing Territory’s complete work for the film is on the Territory website.

Image credits: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Dream Works Pictures

Director: Rupert Sanders
Vfx Producer: Fiona Campbell-Westgate
Vfx Supervisors: Guillaume Rocheron, John Dykstra

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