Heroes and Generals trailer - VFX Supervisor - Territory

Visual Effects

Vfx Supervision and Design

On this live action trailer for danish game developer Reto-Moto i was tasked with vfx supervision, which included overseeing an extensive previz process to make sure the one day green screen shoot works out without any problems, developing a pipeline to acquire 3d data from the set (photogrammetry and tracking). I led a crew of artists with whom i developed assets of hero and background elements (modeling, texturing and rigging), environments and various vfx simulations for explosions and smoke. 


Production Company: Territory

Cast: David Anders, Pablo Casillas Quian, Lee Charles, Jean-Paul Jesstiece, Ryan Oliva, Ian Pead, Peter Pedrero, Jonathan Sharpe, Pablo Verdejo, Chris Webb

Director: Guy Nisbett
Producer: Sam Hart
DoP: Marcus Domleo
Assistant Director: Rawden DeFresnes
Stunt Coordinator: Peter Pedrero
Focus Puller: David Litchfield
Dolly Grip: Peter Childs
Gaffers: Craig Davis, Ross Duffy
Art Director: Graham Dance
Art Assistant: Chris Ford
Lead Stylist: Boo Attwood
Stylist Assistant: Sarah Mulindwa
Hair & Make-up Artists: Emma Watts, Cat Silliman
Armourers: Armoury Supplies
Unit Photographer: Matt Robinson
Data Wrangler: Matt Cole
Production Assistant: Carly Desantis
Medic: Daniel Frost

Filmed at: Studio 2000 Elstree

VFX Supervisor: Peter Eszenyi
VFX Producer: Sam Hart
Storyboard Artist: Alex Flynn
CGI: Rachel Chu, Chris Cousins, Peter Eszenyi
Lead Compositor: Jesse Richards
Compositors: Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan
Animator: Nik Hill
Rotoscope Artists: Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Angela Rinaldi
Researcher: Daniel Højlund

Music Composer: Jesper Kyd
Sound Designer: Nicolai Grønborg
Additional Sound Design: James Locke-Hart

Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks