Miles - VFX Supervision and Design - Territory


Concept Designer and CG Development

On Miles I developed the concepts for the robot UI based on the director's ideas using the data provided by Andrew Gant's depth kit explorations. My idea was based around the notion that perhaps near-future military AI would perceive and process the world in a less human-readable form, and the visual concepts are exploring that aesthetic. After the inital concepts we developed the look further based on Oliver Daly's requirements and finalised a look that could be deployed on the four AI shots I have worked on.

The look was utilizing various particle simulations, volumetric renders and line-based renderings using X-Particles, and Cinema 4D's Sketch and Toon. I also developed the holographic look in the 3D UI seen in other shots of the short.

Production Credits

Direction: Oliver Daly
Starring Alexa Demie & Robby Rasmussen
Producers: Adam P. Schneider & Meagan Judkins
Executive Producer: Luke Gilford
VFX Photography: Andrew Gant

Territory Credits
Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks
Producer: Sam Hart
UI Motion Designers: Peter Eszenyi, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Yugen Blake, Corey Bramal, Jay Dingle, Sam Keehan, Ian Sargent
End Titles: Nik 'nikill' Hill

Special Thanks
James George and Alexander Porter