Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Screen Graphics

CG Design and Lookdev, Animation

Territory were tasked with on-set graphics, working with Director Chris McQuarrie, to create narrative driven user interfaces and drone imagery. Scenes included Benji hacking an A400 jumbo jet whilst taking off, Ethan's Torus control room briefing, drone shots for the Havana raid, and various other control displays for the IMF agents. 

I had to track aerial shots featuring the A400 on the ground, remove shadows and adding back the cgi plane, engine heat and other elements. 

I also did drone shots of the Havana raid, where i modelled the surrounding area based on stills and footage provided by the production, adding cars and animated people to the mix.

i also provided on-set supervision of the graphics we did for the CIA set.

Production Credits: 
Director: Christopher McQuarrie 
Production Designer: James D Bissell 
Supervising Art Director: Paul Inglis 
VFX Producer: Maricel Pagulayan 
Production Supervisor: Skye Stolnitz 

Territory Credits: 
Creative Director: David Sheldon Hicks 
Producer: Sam Hart 
Head of 3D: Peter Eszenyi 
Design and Animation: Jay Dingle, Nik 'Nikill' Hill, Daniel Højlund, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Marti Romances 
Additional Design and Animation: Corey Bramall, Sam Keehan Playback Credits: Compuhire
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