Mr Robot - social

Visual Effects

CG lookdev lead

Asked to create a social media campaign building awareness of the award winning cyber-thriller Mr Robot, we devised original content concepts for use across digital channels and platforms, that could be targeted across the marketing timeline leading up to release. Blending 3D animations and elements with programme visuals, hacking references and plot themes we created a set of dynamic visual narratives interlinked, and playing on the subversive, anti corporate nature of the show.

Creative Director - David Sheldon-Hicks
Producers - Alice Ceresole, Joy Whilby
3D Team - Peter Eszenyi, Thom Haig, Simon Jones
Motion Team - Marti Romances, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan

Amazon Prime
Head of Social Media - Jason Runyan

Tags vfx