Renegade Nell - Disney+ - Dupe VFX


VFX Supervision

I have worked on this fantastic show for Disney+ as a Vendor side VFX Supervisor for Dupe VFX as well as handling some of the on-set VFX Supervisor tasks. I have created previs, postvis and techvis, AR previews as well as Supervised the technically challenging VFX shoot at Ealing Studios using motion controlled robots and blue screen for all three blocks of the series. In post I have led the incredible team at Dupe VFX, working closely with Luke Butler, comp supervisor on the project, dealing with environments, FX, character animation, digidoubles, face replacements and compositing for the show.

Dupe VFX
Jonathan Harris - additional VFX Supervisor
Luke Butler - Comp Supervisor
Vikki Chapman - VFX Producer
Melissa Carr - VFX Coordinator
Tyrone Dyrone.- VFX Coordinator

Ben Taylor, Amanda Brochie, MJ Delaney

Series Producer
Jon Jennings

Stella Merz

Exectutive Producers
Johanna Deveraux, Louise Mutter, Faith Penhale, Will Johnston